Magic: the Gathering - IDW Comics

I’ve got ‘em all now and will spend the evening n3rding out with my most recent acquisition.

Magic The Gathering Theros (2013 IDW) #4
Cover by Anthony Francisco (W) Jason Ciaramella (A) Chris Evenhuis
Dack Fayden remains in THEROS with his new artifact-a powerful gauntlet that holds many secrets. But those secrets may bring trouble to Dack’s doorstep… and the Planeswalker thief will have to face a foe unlike any other. Cover price $4.99.

Magic The Gathering Theros (2013 IDW) #5
(W) Jason Ciaramella (A) Martin Coccolo (CA) Michael Komarck
A new threat stalks the nightmares of the people of THEROS and it’s up to Dack Fayden to figure out a way to stop this new enemy. But will Dack’s own dreams be overtaken before he can confront this threat? Perhaps he will have to seek help from the gods of Theros before he can stop Ashiok, the Nightmare Weaver! Cover price $4.99.