Magic: the Gathering - The 20th Anniversary Magic draft

Winners of eight qualifying tournaments at GenCon 2013 this year are invited to draft packs from throughout Magic’s 20-year history. Face off with cards from Alpha through Magic 2013. The winner gets a booster pack of every set ever produced.  Some 80 different packs from Magic’s entire history will be laid out at the start of the event. Players will take turns selecting a pack each until all packs have been taken. These packs will constitute their Sealed Deck pool for the event. After 3 single-elimination rounds, the last remaining player will win a set of 80 packs, each from a different set of Magic going all the way back to the very beginning!

The eight players invited invited were David Gleicher, Josh McClain, Conner Russell, Devin Koepke, Adrian Becker, Zack Wolff, Neil Milligan and Ralph Navarra.  Images from Adam Styborski of Gathering Magic who did an amazing job of providing a photo diary.