Magic: the Gathering - Dice Coffin

Very kewl dice box for your games - especially witty if you are playing something with dredge or other graveyard shenanigans.

Top - from a tutorial here.  Bottom - from stoney916.

Magic: the Gathering - Musical

… .  If your green stompy deck had a theme song …

: )

Magic: the Gathering - Wait . . Wut ?

Oh reddit - you never fail to deliver the lulz and the wtf’s.

Magic: the Gathering - Strategy Board Game

In our post to MTG Realm on Tumblr earlier in the week, we covered off news of a very interesting / mysterious display at Hasbro’s ‘Twas the Night before …’ VIP event at the recent NYCC - Comic Con.  It had showed nothing more than an image of a sign which showed ‘Magic: The Gathering Strategy Board Game’ along with the date of a supposed reveal (today 10.16.2014) and the location ‘Essen’ - thought to be the big SPIEL gaming convention in Germany. 

Press Release details over here :

Magic: the Gathering - Standard Metagame

Rather witty image / post by redittor gereffi with follow-ups from ubernostrum and others about just how popular Khans of Tarkir Siege Rhino was at KTK Pro Tour Honolulu last weekend … .

Ajani, Mentor of Rhinos

Drown in Rhino

Elspeth, Rhino’s Champion

Goblin Rhinomaster

Mantis Rhino

Mass Rhinofy

Nissa, Rhinowaker

Rhino Charm

Rhino Mystic

Rhino of Kruphix

Rhino Siegemaster

Rhino, Solemn Visitor


Rhinobreath Rhino


Siege Courser

Sorhino, Solemn Rhino

Sylvan Rhino

Wingmate Rhino

Magic: the Gathering - Khans of Tarkir Game Day

When :

• Saturday Oct. 18: 11:30 registration, 12:30 start

• Sunday, Oct. 19: 11:30 registration, 12:30 start

Where : OMG! Games, 130 Bell Farm Road, Barrie, Ontario

Entry : $6 per player

Format : Standard Constructed

Prizes :

All participants will receive a full-art Heir of the Wild promo card. The top eight players will receive a foil full-art Utter End. The top player will receive a special Game Day playmat. Sealed product and additional prizes will also be added into the pool, based on attendance.

Contact :

Phone : (705) 721-4263

Website :

Magic: the Gathering - Moxen

The Moxen or Moxes are a collection of powerful gems infused with one of the colors of mana — Mox Pearl for white, Mox Sapphire for blue, Mox Jet for black, Mox Ruby for red, and Mox Emerald for green. These five moxen are part of the Power Nine. Each Mox from Alpha set typically fetch prices in the range of $1,500 to $2,000.

You can get jewelry replicas from a variety of different sources including the ones shown here from PixelStar07 on Etsy.

• Mox Pearl Necklace

• Mox Sapphire Necklace 

• Mox Jet Necklace

• Mox Ruby Necklace

• Mox Emerald Necklace

Spuggs on reddit recently posted a pic of himself with the kewl Moxen swag - “Think I’ll be a planeswalker for Halloween. They’ll know me by my artifacts.’

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